Lil' Chefs - Delicious Recipes for Your Toy Oven

Description: There’s no need for pre-made mixes with this book. This cookbook contains 40 DELICIOUS RECIPES tailored exclusively for toy ovens. Kids of all ages will love cooking real foods just like their parents!

Tried & True Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch & Dessert. It's not just desserts like some other books. Some of the delicious recipes include: Cobbler, Cookies, Cakes, Pie, Granola Bars, Meatballs, Ziti, Brownies, Cornbread, French Fries, Frosting, Tarts, Cheesecake, Scrambled Egg with Cheese, Pancakes, Breakfast Casserole, Pizza, Quesadillas, Cheeseburgers, Gingersnaps and so much more!

Included with each recipe are step by step instructions and color pictures. The recipes are arranged in categories, making finding your favorites easy. The recipes in this book have been created using a variety of ovens which include antique, vintage and modern models ranging from the 1920's to present. The antique models use a wire heating coil, the vintage oven models use a light bulb, and the newer models use a heating element. All methods are effective at cooking.  

Also included is a supply list for getting started, recommended ovens, and resources for finding your own toy ovens and supplies. An excellent cookbook for both boys and girls, and for those kids at heart. Your kids will love being able to cook like their parents. Paperback size: 8.5" by 11”. 126 pages. Makes an excellent gift.

Allergy alert! These recipes contain eggs, dairy, gluten and nuts. 
Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza
Candy Carrots
Chocolate Cake
Cheese Fries
Cherry Cheesecake
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Drop Biscuits


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