5 Stars-Cute cookbook for little bakers!  Lil Chef's Cookbook Lisa

5 Stars-Thank you so much! I bought this as a gift and they loved it!!  Lil Chef's Cookbook  Melanie

5 Stars-There is a wide variety of recipes and there are even instructions on adjustments to make depending on which oven model you have. I got to see my old Holly Hobby oven! ❤️ I also love that it is spiral bound. Shipping was very quick.  Lil Chef's Cookbook  Mandy

5 Stars-My grandsons cookbook arrived quickly and in great shape even signed! Lil Chef's Cookbook. Tammie

5 Stars-Item was exactly as described and then some.  Lil Chef's Cookbook Joanne

Great! Can’t wait to try these with my daughter! Lil Chef's Cookbook. llehmann14

Got here fast, neat little cookbook!! 
Lil Chef's Cookbook. Tiffanie.

Perfect! this came fast and in great condition. Holly Hobbie Oven Replacement Paddle - Sonya

My daughter loves this! She made the cheeseburger and it was delicious! Lil Chef's Flashcard Set. Randi

This is just what I was looking for. Thank you! Lil Chef's eBook. S. Baldwin

5 Stars- Perfect! Lil Chef's Cookbook. Julie

5 Stars- I bought this elsewhere but am happy to see it now sold on 
Amazon. It's a cute book, durable and full of fun ideas as well as recipes. Fun resource for young ones or any Easy Bake enthusiasts! SueChef

5 Stars- Lil Chef's eBook. Amstuart

4 Stars- Loved this little book for the easy bake oven recipes.  Many to chose from. Joyce

Very nice format. Sticky fingers will not damage the pages. It has not been used yet because this is a birthday gift for February, but it will be a lot less expensive and offer more varieties. Very quick shipping. Lil Chef's Cookbook. Nancy

Such a fun book! It's a gift that I can't wait to give! Lil Chef's Cookbook. SueChef

5 Stars- Lil Chef's eBook. yOshixSIX

I literally cannot obsess over this enough. It's not just recipes, but also informative!! A range of Easy Bake ovens are mentioned and detailed as well as the recipes. They're so easy to follow and delicious!! Seriously, cannot recommend this enough!! Lil Chef's eBook. Ary.

Granddaughter loved it. Easy Bake Oven Recipes Breakfast Flashcard.

5 Stars- Super easy to wipe clean. Dessert Recipes Flashcard. Sarah

5 Stars- I can't wait for my granddaughter to try these recipes. There are a lot of good recipes in this cookbook. Thank you. Lil Chef's eBook. Cindy

5 Stars- Great little cookbook for kids! Lil Chef's Flashcard Set. amandaboeke

Super cute! Laminated them and put them in a binder and going to give, with new extra pans, as a Christmas gift for my 9 year old! Lil Chef's eBook. Ashlie.

The recipes are delicious, easy to understand, and just plain fun. Well done. 
Lil Chef's Cookbook. Caren

Wonderful book! Seller gives tons of advice on her site about oven purchases. Lil Chef's Cookbook.

5 Stars- Lil Chef's Cookbook. LyssHeart6 

5 Stars- Lil Chef's eBook. ajmbus4 

5 Stars- Lil Chef's eBook. Amy


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