Tips for using Toy Ovens

Some helpful tips for using toy ovens:

  • Read your instruction book, and make sure you know how to operate your oven.
  • With light bulb ovens, its best to start with fresh bulbs.
  • Never submerse your oven in water.
  • Preheat your oven for 15 minutes before using.
  • Gather your supplies and ingredients before starting. (a timer, pot holders, pans, etc.)
  • Use a non-slip grip mat under your oven. (I find that most ovens slide all over the counter).
  • Make sure the food is never higher than the rim of the pan. 
  • Have an adult cut any ingredients that need it.
  • Be aware that the pans you remove from the oven are metal, and  therefore will easily slip off any plastic spatula. Be sure to  have a pot holder ready with your spatula, to assist in safely remove the pan from the oven. (I have had a couple of pans slip right off the spatula and onto the floor). 
  • Always unplug your toy oven when done cooking.
  • Always wait for the oven to cool before cleaning it. (ask an adult for help in cleaning your oven).